Adult Catechism

2018 Plan of Education

Weekly Sunday catechism with Father McMahon for everyone high school age and older begins on Sunday, October 21. Everyone means everyone! If young children must be watched by a parent, then moms should do this so that the head of the family will attend.

The course will be based on Mass and Sacraments by Fr. John Laux. Purchase your copy at the bookstore on Sunday!

** See the bulletin for confirmed classes **

 The Catechism classes begin 15 minutes after both Sunday Masses are ended. 

Length:  40 minutes, followed by an open question-period.


Past Topics

  • The Nature of God

  • Creation and Evolution

  • The Blessed Virgin Mary (series of conferences)

  • A Map of Life by Frank Sheed (series of conferences)

Past Conferences and other talks by SSPX priests available at: