St. Dennis Church is a Traditional Latin Mass Community (SSPX) in Calgary, Alberta.  No English Mass is said in St. Dennis Church.  The church interior is designed and decorated in a traditional style to properly accommodate the Traditional Latin Rite exclusively.

All public masses are celebrated at the High Altar facing the Tabernacle (ad orientem), allowing the Priest and People to pray in a common direction, emphasizing the mysteries of the Mass.  The Mass is said in Latin,  a ritual which is remained virtually unchanged since 400 A.D.  With 4 priests in residence, timely access to confessions is unparalleled.  Confessions are heard 30 minutes before Mass on Weekends, and by appointment.


On Sundays at 10:00 am (September thru June) we celebrate the parochial mass with our Choirs, Gregorian Chant Schola, organ accompaniment & improvisation, and a trained guild of Altar Servers.  If you have never attended a 'High Mass', this may be the place to start.  The rituals and ceremonies range from simple to elaborate. Each movement and word is imbued with symbolism and meaning that is centuries (even milliennia) old.  The preaching seeks, above anything else, to dutifully teach the faith—the messages are direct, and applicable to our time. 


How long does a Mass take?  A Sunday Low Mass is usually complete in 1 hr, while a High Mass, due to more music, is about 1hr 20m (including communion and sermon).

Do young people attend the Latin Mass? Some people are surprised at how many young families choose to attend the Mass in the Extraordinary Form. Typically, it is the large families in a parish who crave the Latin Mass most. While young people are the largest group that attends the Tridentine Mass, adults are returning today more than ever to be spiritually fed by the Mass of their youth. 

Can I bring my kids?  Of course!  Nothing makes us happier than seeing families at church.  There is a purpose-built room in the basement with CCTV feed and audio if young children need a break. The wall between the Sanctuary and the Narthex is made of floor-to-ceiling glass; older children who need a break can take one there and still see what is happening.

Does the Latin Mass fulfill my Sunday obligation?  Catholics of any rite can fulfill their obligation for Mass on Sundays and Holy Days at the Roman Mass in the Extraordinary Form. The traditional Latin Mass, of course, was the norm for centuries and as Pope Benedict XVI has stated, it has never been outlawed (i.e. abrogated).  Mass in the Extraordinary Form (1962 Missale Romanum) fulfills the obligation to attend Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and there is no reason to doubt the authenticity or legality of the Mass that is our proud heritage.