About Us

St. John Bosco Private School is an independent school affiliated with the Alberta Charitable Society of St. Pius X.  The majority of the students come from St. Dennis Parish, however, Catholic and non-Catholic students from the community may apply for enrollment.  Students are transported to school by their parents.  Traditional Catholic teachings are emphasized and the Alberta Program of Studies is followed.

Mission Statement

St. John Bosco Private School strives to provide a traditional Catholic education that is character based and reflects the timeless teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.

 St. John Bosco Private School seeks to develop strong character by fostering a profound knowledge and love of traditional Catholic Faith in an atmosphere of discipline motivated by fraternal charity.

 Understanding the Liturgy, the practice of traditional devotions and the acquisition of knowledge foster a deep understanding and love of the Faith. Encouraging a spirit of academic excellence equip students to become productive members of our Holy Mother the Church and the society in which they live.

 By these means, St. John Bosco Private School is committed to assisting the parents associated with their work in keeping the traditional Catholic faith.

Our society needs citizens with strong moral and ethical values who believe in the responsibility of service to others.  To this end, the staff at St. John Bosco Private School actively encourages the growth and development of these traditional values.  Academic focus and enjoyment of school life help to prepare our students for responsible involvement in their community and our society as a whole.


At St. John Bosco, we will actively encourage the growth and development of traditional Catholic values in our students. Participation in, and enjoyment of school life, will prepare our students for responsible involvement in their communities and our society as a whole. Within the context of our Traditional Catholic Faith, we continue to strive for improvement in the quality of education for the students at St. John Bosco Private School.  We use the results from our Provincial Achievement Tests, surveys, parent and student feedback as well as staff input go guide our professional practice. Our focus is on creating a safe and caring learning environment for all students through our focus on supervision.

The Staff and students of St. John Bosco Private School continue to strive for academic excellence within the context of traditional Catholic teachings.

Mrs. Cataniag, M.Ed.


Programming Highlights

  • Kindergarten is Full-Days on M-W-F

  • PreSchool is 3 hours T -Th 8:30-11:30am

  • Traditional Latin Mass celebrated at the School on Tuesday and Thursday at 11:30am

  • Benediction is given on Wednesdays.



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