October 2018

Dear Parents,

During the month of October, let there be a real emphasis on the devotion of the most holy rosary. Here is the one weapon that Our Lady offers to St. Dominic (in her own words) as the “battering ram” that will utterly destroy the “fortresses” built up by the enemy in this world. It’s not hard to see what enemy “fortresses” have been erected, which enable and enshrine his wicked designs in the social institutions and "norms” of everyday modern life. And let us pay particular attention to the manner in which the youth are the very special target of his wicked enterprise.

On October 7th, the feast of the most holy rosary, we had the joy of witnessing Bp. de Galleretta confirming many of the students as “strong and perfect Christians and soldiers of Our Lord Jesus Christ”. Let us be reminded of our own status as soldiers, of the high demands we should place on ourselves and on our children as such, and let us never neglect this great offensive weapon, the “battering ram” that destroys the work of the enemy, placed in our hands by our heavenly Mother.

In the Holy Family,

Fr. Riccomini


Principal’s Message


The first month is over and we are well into our second.  Students should be comfortable with our new programs for Language Arts and Math.  We are spending the next month and a half to evaluate the students.  If there are questions about grading or expectations regarding these programs, please do not hesitate to contact me.


The feast of the Canadian Martyrs was a huge success with the junior high school hike and an art contest representing the relation between the First Nation peoples and the Missionaries.  Congratulations to the winners!



 Mrs. Cataniag


Students enjoyed the first big winter storm this past week.  Considering the difficulties in commutes and dangers that can go along with our weather, please note that if school is cancelled, a group email will go out before 7:30AM on the day of a storm, cancelling school.  We try to use prudence and fidelity to duty when deciding whether to close the school, since every time we close, the hours need to be made up either during the holiday times during the year or adding on days in June.


Invitations have been issued accepted by this year’s council members. This year, the following parents will be representing the parent body for our bi-monthly meeting:

Mr. Paul Whyburd

Mrs. Theresa Barrett

Mr. Justin McKervey

Mr. Ernesto Carmona

Mrs. Liz Ruiz

Mrs. Amanda Teshier

Mrs. Claire Frayn


The grades 6-9 went on a hike to the Ann and Sandy Cross Conservation Area on September 26th both to honour and celebrate the feast of the martyrs but also to enjoy the beauty of Canada.   


Please keep in mind that we have a Zero Tolerance policy regarding homework.   In summary, students must regularly come to school with their homework completed, otherwise, students will be sent home until the work is done.  Students will be shown lenience for first-time offense.              


Students at St. John Bosco are required to wear a clean, tidy, and complete uniform on a daily basis.  The uniform guide is found in the student agenda.  We will record and track all infractions of uniform on a daily basis including PE uniforms.


Thank you for all participants of the first half of the Chocolate Drive.  The second half of the Chocolate drive begins on Friday, October 19th and will run through October 28th.  Please take every opportunity to fulfill your fundraising obligations and give feedback as much as appropriate.  We can see that the little ones are very excited about selling. We will be having cash raffles in the future.  



October 10, 2018                                                          Parent Advisory Council (PAC) Meeting – 7:30PM – St Dennis Church

October 12, 2018                                                          Kayben Farms – Field Trip

October 16, 2018                                                          The Arts Field Trip – Grades 6 – 9

October 17, 2018                                                          Individual Photo Day

                                                                                          Hot Lunch - Pizza

October 19, 2018                                                          PD – No School

October 19 – 28th                                                          Second half of the Chocolate Drive

October 22, 2018                                                          St. Ursula Feast Day Observed

October 24, 2018                                                          St. Raphael – $2 Candy Sale

November 1, 2018                                                       All Saints Day Feast Day

November 2, 2018                                                       All Souls Day Feast Day

November 9, 2018                                                       Remembrance Day Activities

November 12, 2018                                                     Remembrance Day Observed - No School

November 14, 2018                                                     Hot Lunch – Hot Dogs

November 15, 2018                                                      St. Albert the Great Science Fair

November 21, 2018                                                     Presentation of the BVM - $2 Candy Sale

November 23, 2018                                                     Report Cards Go Home


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