December 2018

Dear Friends,

The season of Advent has arrived, and the students have been planning among themselves how to collectively prepare for the coming of Christmas. You yourselves have already considered, no doubt, how a solid preparation can be achieved by prayer, almsgiving, personal penance, fighting habitual sin or a dominant fault, etc., but I would like to add one specific consideration for this time of Advent...

Is there someone you know who needs your forgiveness? Someone who has knowingly or unknowingly wronged you? May I suggest that there is no better preparation for celebrating the birth of Christ, who came into this world to forgive sins, than by forgiving one another? 

“Glory to God in the highest!” we sing at Christmas. The mercy of God is His greatest glory, the joyful song theme of our future eternal life, and the best tributes to the power of His mercy are the times we allow it to inspire us to be merciful to others.

“On earth peace to men of good will.” He comes as the Prince of peace - how do you suppose we share membership in His Princedom? He brings peace to men of good will - which quality of this merciful Prince does a man’s good will most resemble? Which quality brings most peace in our lives? “Forgive you everyone your brother from your heart,” and surely you will experience it personally, and doing so you will unite yourself completely to the true spirit of Christmas.

Wishing you a holy and fruitful Advent season, I remain yours,

United in the Holy Family,

Fr. Frank Riccomini 


 Principal’s Message


Advent begins at the school as well as at the church.   Students are now preparing for the Christmas concert. The Christmas concert is in the basement of St. Dennis Church 4718 Worcester Dr SW; attendance is mandatory. The concert is scheduled to begin at 7:00PM.


We have a lot of feast days and celebrations this month starting with St. Nicholas and ending with our Christmas concert the evening of the last day of school December 21st at 7:00PM. We will resume classes on January 7, 2019.




Mrs. Cataniag


From the Drama Department:

Dear Parents,

We are looking for some props and things for the Christmas Concert this month. Please send in the following items or contact the office with your intentions to bring them in.  Thank you for your generosity!


Cotton gloves with fingers cut off

Top hats

Pocket watches

Suit vests


Choker necklaces

Old fashioned night cap

Ice skates (for Grade 2 students)

Wine barrels


Old style Suitcase

Dummy (for dead body)

*Stand alone room divider

Baskets with handles

Stand alone street lamps/lanterns

Small trunks/metal boxes

Fake fireplace or charcoal grill



Big red ribbons

Director’s chair


Small Christmas tree (bendable)

Star for Christmas tree

Popcorn on string (multiple 1m long streamers rather than one long one, please) (P.S.: popcorn strings easier after a day or two sitting out on the counter : )

Day bed



Snow spray for windows


Black ribbon

Gold or silver paper


Curtain ties (preferably with tassels)



Thank you all for the efforts this 2018 calendar year.  We will resume our efforts in the new year with some cash raffles. The first raffle will begin soon after we return from break. You can also keep buying the FUNSCRIP gift cards and have those little percentages add up to make your obligations.




November began with the celebration of all the saints.  Students chose saints, learned about their lives, dressed up as the saint, and presented their saint poems to their peers and judges.  The day was dedicated to learning about saints and trying to imitate them. We also managed to squeeze in some games for the younger students and an art project, gyotaku, for the older ones.  Congratulations to all the winners! 




We would like to congratulate all the participants on a job well done! The students exceeded expectations with their knowledge, explanations, and presentations throughout the day.  We would like to recognize the following winners who are being awarded a day long field trip to Telus Spark on Wednesday, December 5, 2018.


Grade 2 –

First Place – Issac Ginter and Ben Teshier

Second Place – Caitlin Barret, Michael Wilson, and Emmalee Conrado

Grade 3 –

First Place – Francesca Ruiz-Fillinger, and Oliva Gil

Second Place – Rebecca Tobler

Grade 4/5 –

First Place – Helene Biltz, Agnes Hynes, Helen Whyburd, and Gretchen Fillinger-Ruiz

Second Place – Sarah Oderkirk, Liah Santos-Bartolo, and Gemma Langlois

Grade 6/7 –

First Place – Maude Hynes, Thomas Ginter, Hannah Barrett and Liam Barrett

Second Place – James Langlois, Titus McKervey, and Keith Land

Grade 8/9 –

First Place – Audrey Portelance and Noelle Biltz

Second Place – Luke Ginter, Anthony Cronin, and Jonathan Frankowski

SCHOOL EVENTS/UP-COMING EVENTS                                                             

December 3, 2018                                                        Parent Advisory Council 6:30PM                              

December 7, 2018                                                        Immaculate Conception Observed – Art Workshop for Students

December 12, 2018                                                      Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

December 13, 2018                                                      St. Lucy Feast Day

December 14, 2018                                                      PD – No School

December 20, 2018                                                      Hot Lunch - Pizza

December 21, 2018                                                      Last Day of Classes – Break begins after Concert

                                                                                          Christmas Concert – St. Dennis Church 7:00PM

January 7, 2019                                                             Classes Resume

January 9, 2019                                                             Epiphany celebrated                                                   

January 16, 2019                                                          Hot Lunch – Hot Dogs

January 18, 2019                                                           PD – No School 

January 21, 2019                                                           St. Sebastian’s Feast Day celebrated

January 23, 2019                                                           St. Raymond of Pennafort - $2 Candy Sale

January 31, 2019                                                           St. John Bosco Feast Day             

Notable December Feasts

Immaculate Conception – December 8

Our Lady of Guadalupe – December 12  

St. Lucy – December 13          

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