November 2018

Dear Parents,

The month of November marks the anniversary of the founding of the priestly Society of St. Pius X. The Society’s statutes, which received ecclesiastical approval on November 1, 1970, state that the purpose of the Society is “the priesthood and all that pertains to it.” First and foremost, it outlines the foreseeable ways in which the priesthood would be served by Society priests, i.e., by the sanctification of its members in priory life, by seminary training, by fostering vocations, by retreats and spiritual exercises for priests, by outreach and instruction to non-member priests, and by taking care of old and infirm and even unfaithful priests. After this, the statutes speak of the kinds of “exterior” apostolates that would benefit of the laity... as the ultimate expression and perfection of the priestly purpose, i.e., to save souls. 

Among the first of the those apostolates for laymen is the establishing and directing of schools. Why schools? Simply because, in the words of our venerable founder, schools will become a “seedbed of vocations”, and also the inspiration/opportunity for good Catholic families to form, out of which future vocations will blossom. This simple wisdom and unified vision are a true joy to recall. What a blessing to be part of a work statutorily and ecclesiastically connected to the priesthood of Our Lord Jesus Christ! May that thought inspire each of us to be generous in our commitment to restore all things to Him, to refer all things to Him in our daily life. May His priestly blessing descend upon all of us, and may it bear fruit in our fidelity, perseverance and sanctification... O Lord, grant us priests, holy priests, many holy priests, vocations and Catholic families!

United in the Eternal High Priest,
Fr. Frank Riccomini

Principal’s Message

October has been an activity filled month dedicated to Our Lady of the Most Holy Rosary. The grade 6/7 organized the praying of a decade at the start of their first recess.

The month furthermore celebrated the feast of St. Francis of Assisi. The weather did not cooperate with our plans for organized games; however, the students thoroughly enjoyed an extra long recess of play in the snow.

The feast of St. Ursula was celebrated with the traditional blue lollipops.  Grade 9 girls retold the story to all the classes while handing out the treats. 

Thank you for your support during all of our fundraising efforts! 


Mrs. Cataniag



Here are the results of the annual pumpkin carving which is the finale of the kindergarten pumpkin unit. The littlest students enjoy St. Ursula’s lollipops.



On Friday October 12, grades 2-5 journeyed to Kayben Farms Adventure Park, just north of Okotoks, for a day of exploration and fun.  Fortunately, the day was sunny and warm, which melted the October snow.  Unfortunately, this meant a lot of mud.  The children enjoyed seeing the various animals on the farm: horses, goats, pigs, turkeys and rabbits.  They loved petting the animals and feeding the goats and horses.   There was plenty to see and do at Kayben farms, and it was a refreshing day to get outside and be under the sun for the day. Most importantly, the children got an idea of what it was like to be Dr. Dolittle for a day!



The gates of the schoolyard open daily at approximately 8:30AM.  There are about 10 minutes wait before the students are allowed to enter the school building.  After the students are let in, there are only 10 minutes for them to remove their outdoor clothing and prepare themselves for the day and also get into the chapel.  We are asking that parents drop off their children to get them here in time to make it to chapel so we can offer the day in the Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ with the rest of the students and teachers.  Furthermore, we are going to begin to lock the exterior doors at about 8:45AM for the safety of the school and those who come late will need to sign their children in at the office.



We have already begun preparations for our St. John Bosco Private School Christmas concert on December 21st.  The students work, during their art, drama, and music classes in all the grades, for the final performance.  This evening is the climax of their work and will be reflected in a large part of their grades.  If you are unable to attend, excuses need to be passed on to Father Riccomini.



You are cordially invited to join us in sharing our scientific knowledge and showing off months of hard work at St. John Bosco Private School.  The fair will take place on Friday, November 16th for the day.  Parents and families are invited to come to the school and watch the presentations of the individuals and groups in each of the classrooms. 

SCHOOL EVENTS/UP-COMING EVENTS                                                             

November 1, 2018                                                       All Saints Day Feast Day

November 2, 2018                                                       All Souls Day Feast Day  - Mass for Students

November 9, 2018                                                       Remembrance Day Activities

November 12, 2018                                                     Remembrance Day Observed - No School

November 14, 2018                                                     Hot Lunch – Hot Dogs

November 16, 2018                                                      St. Albert the Great Science Fair

November 21, 2018                                                     Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary - $2 Candy Sale

November 23, 2018                                                     Report Cards Go Home

November 30, 2018                                                     Parent- Teacher Conferences - No School

December 3, 2018                                                        PAC Meeting – 6:30PM St. John Bosco School

December 6, 2018                                                        St. Nicholas Feast Day

December 7, 2018                                                        Immaculate Conception – Art Workshop

December 12, 2018                                                      Our Lady of Guadalupe Feast Day

December 13, 2018                                                      St. Lucy Feast Day                          

December 14, 2018                                                      PD - No School

December 19, 2018                                                      Hot Lunch – Pizza

December 21, 2018                                                      Last Day of Classes

                                                                                          Christmas Concert – 7PM