Know, Love, and Serve!

Caritas is the name of the Young Adults Group of St. Dennis Church. It is an apostolate of the Society of Saint Pius X.

We welcome young adults aged 18-35 who have not yet embraced a vocation.

Beginning with one well-received event in Oct, 2015, the St. Dennis Youth Group has steadily grown.  We now include volunteering opportunities, peer presentations, group discussions, and guest speakers -- with more to come!



Mission Statement: To form Catholic leaders in the young adults of St. Dennis Parish through a profound spiritual life, an engaged study of the Catholic Faith, and the practice of the virtue of charity.

Purpose: Caritas has three goals:

  1. To form its members in a deeper knowledge of the Catholic Faith;
  2. To help its members grow in the spiritual life;
  3. To practice the spiritual and corporal works of mercy.

Members - Caritas is open to all the young Catholic adults of St. Dennis Parish Church from ages 18 to 35 who promise to pursue its goals, under the direction of its leaders and by the means it proposes, namely: to know, to love, and to serve God.



The members of Caritas are committed to growing in the knowledge of God and of the Catholic Faith by spiritual reading. They commit to spending 15 minutes every week reading or listening to:

  1. The Holy Bible
  2. Lives of the Saints
  3. Writings of the saints and Church Fathers
  4. Catholic books on spirituality, history, and apologetics


The members of Caritas also commit to the study of their Faith by organizing and participating in lectures and conferences by the priests of the Society of Saint Pius X, guests speakers, and their peers. These conferences will be held on a monthly basis, and will address relevant topics of Faith, morals, spirituality, apologetics, and social and professional issues.



The members of Caritas are committed to putting their Faith into practice by a serious personal spiritual life, and especially:

  1. The daily recitation of the rosary, including one decade especially for the sanctification of Caritas’ members and their fidelity to the goals of this group.
  2. The daily recitation of the prayer of St. Pius X to St. Joseph:

            Glorious St. Joseph, model of all who are devoted to labor, obtain for me the grace to work in the spirit of penance in expiation of my many sins; to work conscientiously by placing love of duty above my inclinations; to gratefully and joyously deem it an honour to employ and to develop by labor the gifts I have received from God, to work methodically, peacefully, and in moderation and patience, without ever shrinking from it through weariness or difficulty to work; above all, with purity of intention and unselfishness, having unceasingly before my eyes death and the account I have to render of time lost, talents unused, good not done, and vain complacency in success, so baneful to the work of God. All for Jesus, all for Mary, all to imitate thee, O patriarch St. Joseph! This shall be my motto for life and eternity.



The members of Caritas are committed to practicing the seven spiritual works of mercy:

  1. To counsel the doubtful (especially to seek advice from a priest)
  2. To instruct the ignorant
  3. To admonish sinners
  4. To comfort the afflicted
  5. To forgive offenses
  6. To bear wrongs patiently
  7. To pray for the living and the dead

The members of Caritas are committed to practicing the seven corporal works of mercy:

  1. To feed the hungry
  2. To give drink to the thirsty
  3. To clothe the naked
  4. To shelter the homeless
  5. To visit the sick
  6. To visit the imprisoned
  7. To bury the dead.


To this end, they actively participate in:

1.         Parish activities and events, such as:

  • Maintaining the interior and exterior beauty of St. Dennis Church through:
    • volunteering as sacristans and ushers
    • cleaning the church and decorating it for feasts
    • maintaining the gardens and lawn of the church
  • Sports days
  • Pilgrimages


2.         Providing help to needy families in our parish through activities such as:

  • Babysitting
  • Cleaning and housework
  • Maintenance and building


3.         Activities that promote Catholic values such as:

  • Public reparation for scandal
  • Pro-life demonstrations and conferences
  • Fundraising and volunteering for charitable organizations.