Uniforms at SJB

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All students must wear the official school uniform during school hours and to all official school functions outside regular school hours.

A uniform distinguishes us as a unified student body, makes us readily identifiable in the community, and eliminates the competition that arises between students when free to dress as they wish (or their family can afford).  It reminds us that at school, we are equals.

All students must have a pair of outdoor shoes AND a pair of indoor shoes.  Indoor shoes must be non-marking, black, and must be polishable.  Outdoor shoes should be weather-appropriate (i.e. boots in winter, runners in warmer months).

Girls:  Uniform dress, black leather polishable shoes, white blouse, school-issued criss-cross tie; only black or white socks are permitted.

Boys:  Black trousers with belt, white buttoned dress shirt, school-issued tie, polishable leather shoes; Black socks are required.

Optional:  School--crested sweater or sweater-vest in green colour only.  Blue is now phased-out.  No other items (hoodies, jackets) are to be worn during school hours.