We are Blind, Seeking Light from Christ

Christ questioned the blind man in today’s Gospel: “What will you that I should do to you?” He answered as we might expect: “Lord, that I may see.” He did not pray for riches, pleasure, or power. He reckoned nothing worth the asking compared with his vision.

Imitate this man; he saw and followed Christ. We see and follow when we recognize what is good and do it. We see but do not follow when we know what is good but neglect the doing of good works. We sit by the wayside when we perceive the blindness of our earthly existence. We cry out for mercy when we believe in the Redeemer and pray for light. Our Lord will certainly hear our prayers and help us.

Look where Christ is going. At the beginning of today’s Gospel reading, our Lord foretold that He would be delivered to the Gentiles, mocked, scourged, spit upon and put to death. These sufferings had to be endured before the glorious Resurrection.

We should expect to suffer on our own behalf, since God has suffered so much for us. The Catholic who pursues the gains of avarice, or is puffed up by pride, inflamed by jealousy, or soiled with lust, does not follow Jesus in whom he believes. One to whom the Master has shown the way of self- denial, yet walks by another way, is not following Christ.

Let us recall to our minds the sins we have committed; Lent is the time for repentance. We are told by the Word of Truth, that through tears shall we come to everlasting joy: “Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.” –Mt. 5: 5. But the same Truth also bears witness that through earthly delights we come to sorrows: “Woe to you that now laugh, for you shall weep” tears. –Lk. 6: 25.

We hope for the reward of eternal happiness, so we must follow the way of the cross. Guided by Christ, we will journey towards God. Thus, we who were blind to the light of faith will receive clear spiritual vision and we will be a good example to others. All the people, when they see it, will give praise to God who lives and reigns forever.

Seek from the Lord, not cold hard money, earthly treasures, nor deceptive honours, but the heavenly vision; not the physical light that shines on earth, but the light of heavenly glory. The way to this light is through faith in Jesus who suffered, died and rose again. Today we ask Our Lord for a blessing on the spiritually blind. “Receive your sight, your faith has made you whole.” Amen.

-Fr. Herkel