First Communions

We should all rejoice that some of our children are making their First Holy Communion. They are receiving Jesus, truly present with His body, blood, soul and divinity under the appearance of bread. Our Lord wishes to be united to them, and to us, in order to share the riches of His love.

The power which created all things is so small that it fits inside of us. The fountain of life concentrates all of its vital force in a single bit of nourishment. The treasures of Heaven are distributed freely to all who come forward with good dispositions. Rejoice and be thankful!

Our children are a good example and encouragement to adult
Christians on this day. For months they have studied their
catechism. They have memorized the most common prayers.
They understand, at least in a child’s way, the basic truths of the faith. They have purified their souls by a good Confession. They have even cleaned their bodies so that they appear in church, neatly dressed in white, ready to meet our Lord.

Little children, at the time of your Holy Communion, ask Jesus for all the graces you need to lead a good life, worthy of Heaven. Pray for your family, your friends, and your priests. Pray for the Church in the modern world, for the conversion of sinners, and for the salvation of the dying. There are a million special intentions you could have for your prayers.

Every Catholic in the parish should fervently receive Holy Communion on this day, in union with our children. We should pray for each other and be a good example to each other. I ask you to pray that these children will persevere in virtue, so that one day, with them, we may enjoy the happiness of Heaven.