A Story of St. Michael — 5

Saint Albert, having built on Mount Tomb the sanctuary demanded by the Archangel, sent two canons to seek relics at Mount Gargono in Italy. They brought back a fragment of the veil that Saint Michael had placed on the altar of the crypt, and a piece of the marble on which he had left an imprint of his foot.

At the passage of these precious gifts, the crowds were roused and their confidence in Saint Michael obtained for many of the sick healing of their infirmities. Among other marvels, a dozen blindmen recovered their sight. A miracle bursting forth close to the mountain. A poor woman of the village Asteriac was following the procession, but she moaned as she could see nothing. But all of a sudden, her eyes were opened; Surprised to see so suddenly, and delighted by all that struck her eyes, she exclaimed: “Qu’il fait beau voir!”  that is “It is beautiful to see!”

According to tradition, this miracle and this cry have given the village the name Beauvoir by which it is know even to this day.

It is beautiful to see! This is the cry of the believer who is illuminated by the angel of light.


Prayer :

Glorious Archangel, you who are the Prince of Light, defend our faith against the plots of the spirit of darkness, illuminate us always, so that, walking by the light of the Divine flame, we will never lose sight of the Master that we must serve, the way that we have to follow, and the good that we are obliged to practice. Thus, we have hope that we may merit to be lead by you into the heavenly light. Amen.