A Story of St. Michael — 11

Saint Michael is the angel mentioned by Hermas in his celebrated work The Pastor. One day he appeared to him with six other blessed spirits. Go, build, he said to them. Hermas saw a great tower being erected. The six builders and several thousand others brought them stones. The builders employed some of them, but broke others and threw them aside.  The ones they were throwing out rolled into a deep place occupied by a furnace where they became fiery. And as the spectator asked for an explanation of this scene, Saint Michael told him: The stones used for the construction are the faithful who walk in the path of the commandments, those which are rolled into the place of fire represent the sinners who died impenitent.

This is the Day of Judgement: the angels, under the direction of Saint Michael, will make this choice of souls. Let us be worthy stones to be used in the Divine construction.

Prayer :

At this terrible time, O Saint Michael, men will have need of your bountiful protection; I ask it of you for them. If I have to life in the days of abomination and desolation, do not permit that I am a victim of seduction; give me the strength and courage to resist to the blood, if necessary; mark my forehead with the saving sign; finally, let my name be written in the book of life, and may I follow the divine Lamb to His glorious kingdom. Amen.