A Story of St. Michael — 8

A priest, celebrating the Mass of the Dead, recommended some souls who had been dear to him; in pronouncing these words in the liturgy: That Saint Michael usher them into the holy light!  At the same instant, he saw the glorious archangel come down from Heaven into Purgatory to deliver them.

The author who reported this fact, tells another one that can be summed up as well: a monk of Cîteaux, after his death, appeared to a priest, his friend, and revealed to him that he was still in Purgatory, but he would be delivered if, at the Mass, he recommended him to Saint Michael. The priest hastened to do so and he saw, as did other witnesses, the soul of his friend being conducted to Heaven by the holy Archangel.

Prayer :

O Great Saint Michael, you whom God has charged with bringing to Heaven the souls of the elect, I pray to you for all those that I have loved and that are now no longer. Deign to visit them, assist them, and succour them amidst the flames where they burn, in the dark prison where they weep. Grant that God may admit them sooner to the place of refreshment, of light, and of peace. And when the hour will come for my soul to descend to this somber sojourn, I beg you, intercede for it and come to succour it. Amen.