A summary from Fr. McMahon’s sermon, Jan 27, 2019

“Peace is the tranquility of order.” St Augustine

a)      Pastor is appointed to serve the common good; his decisions are not personal, but in pursuit of peace, order, and the sanctification of those souls entrusted to his care.

b)      Our united goal must be to foster generosity toward Almighty God in ourselves, in our family, in our parish, and even in society at large. We want all souls to serve our King being generous in time, energy, money, etc.

c)      Cleaning the church is both a practical necessity (things need to be clean) as well as an opportunity for generosity in performing a corporal work of mercy. Please consider joining a cleaning crew.


·        Catechism

Catechetical instruction is essential for every Catholic at every age; the pastor, your spiritual father being responsible for your souls, must ensure you are receiving continued education in the Faith.

a)      Attendance at weekly catechism is obligatory. Those unable to attend must speak directly with the pastor.

b)      Do not take coffee or food “to go”, those refreshments are offered for attendees of the class.


·        Decorum

a)      Vestibule is the antechamber of the church, a place of preparation and dismissal:

i)       This is where coats should be removed, etc, to avoid distracting yourself and others within the church.

ii)      Silence should be observed here both before and after Mass. Please use the basement rooms to visit.

iii)    Children remain the responsibility of their parents on church property. Please continue to monitor them throughout, and ensure they also observe the silence proper to the vestibule.

b)      The respect for God and the Holy Mass demand proper, becoming, and modest dress for all Faithful.

c)      Children should be able to keep the silence and stillness of the church during Mass. A sudden cry or disturbance from a small child or baby is understandable, but continual baby noises and talking is disrespectful and distracting to others.


These may seem like small things in themselves, but they show an attitude of respect for the house of God and charity to others.


·        Pew Use

a)      Please keep the last three (3) pews available for parents with small children. This allows them a place nearer the doors for those suddenly necessary exits.

b)      Pews in the transept (the sides, behind the line of the Communion rail of the Sanctuary) are not to be used.

i)       Exceptions may include single-Mass Sundays, Good Friday, Midnight Mass, etc. Please see an usher


·        Gratitude

a)      Our Lord’s Passion and Death will be re-acted before you in the Holy Mass… If you cannot come 10-15 minutes beforehand to properly prepare, how will you save your soul?

b)      The Rosary is a beautiful preparation for Mass, but not necessarily as a community. Silent prayer prepares the soul for the great Sacrifice of the Mass. 

c)      Thanksgiving, especially after receiving Holy Communion, is necessary if you truly believe Jesus Christ is here and has come into your soul. Where do you need go in such a hurry that you cannot give 10-15 minutes to a proper Thanksgiving following Mass?

Sancta Sancte Tractanda Sunt

(Holy things must be treated in a holy manner)

·       Confessions

a)      Once a month Confession is a minimum for a good Catholic.

b)     This sacrament should be treated as something special and also needs appropriate preparation and thanksgiving. Children, especially, should be guided through a thorough preparation.

c)      Confessions for second Mass on Sundays will now be from 9:00 – 9:55am. Come early!

d)     Nota Bene: Thursday through Saturday are at times noted in Mass & Sacraments schedule.

“When your soul moves from mortal sin to the State of Grace, this is a greater Divine action than the creation of the whole universe.” — St. Augustine


·       Holy Communion

a)      Approach with an appropriately recollected manner.

b)     Tilt head back, mouth open, tongue out while priest is at person before you. This is to avoid knocking the Host from the priest’s fingers and also, this will speed up the general distribution of Communion.

c)      No elbows on the Communion rail.

d)     Do not make the sign of the cross immediately after reception, you may strike the paten or the ciborium.


·       These seem like purely practical points, but we act as we believe and we believe as we act. There is an element of natural courtesy and supernatural charity.

a)      We must strive for the honour and glory of God in all things.

b)     We must internalise our love of Almighty God for the sake of ourselves, our family, our parish, and society.

c)      A Catholic’s whole existence falls under the auspices of the Blood of Christ through the Baptismal Character. The way we dress, act, talk are all reflections of our internal beliefs.

May God inspire our actions and bless our sincere efforts.