A Story of St. Michael — 9

The treasurer of the king of Poland had lived for many years in sin. He found himself at the point of death and in great danger of damnation. He confessed to himself that in this extremity, he looked at himself as lost and abandoned to the demons. But Saint Michael, who he had honoured during his life, appeared to him, chasing away his enemies and telling him that he had obtained from God eight days to repair the disorders  of his conscience. Informed and fortified by such a grace, the sinner called a priest, and confessed with such great sorrow, received with devotion the Sacraments and died at the time marked, full of hope for his salvation. (Taken from Saint Michael, by Saint Alphonsus)

Prayer :

O Great Prince of Heaven, I have chosen you today as my protector and my advocate. Deign to admit me to the number of your devoted servants. Assist me during this life, so that I may never offend the most pure eyes of God. Defend me against the temptations of the devil, and at the hour of death, obtain peace for my soul and lead it into the Eternal Kingdom. Amen.

Angel of Death.png