St. Michael — Angel of Family

The origin of the family is divine: God himself has established it in giving to man a helper like unto himself. His end is also divine: it is to raise for Heaven the elect, destined to fill the emptiness left by the defection of the rebellious angels. It is the reason for the jealous hatred of Satan against families, and it is also the reason for the unceasing protection of the entourage of heavenly spirits with Saint Michael at their head.

The impious attacks today have the family for their principal object. They know well that the family is to society what the root is to a tree, the source to the river, the base of the building. Is it not the family that brings to society its prosperity and strength, but also its decadence and ruin? This is why the impious strive to shield it from the influence of religion, sure that if they succeed in destroying the family, it will destroy this influence in society.

Alas! They succeed only too well. The family is profoundly touched. How many homes are there without Faith, without religion, without God? But also, too often what discomfort, what sufferings, what disorders, and what ruin is the result! God does justice to Himself. If He is present, He consoles and blessed; He guards the cradles, He causes virtue and honour to grow, and death is made peaceful. But if He is driven out, He takes revenge. And for that it is not necessary that He curse, it is enough that He abandons.

A family appeared on earth, type of all the others, the Holy Family. When one studies their life, one can admire angelic intervention everywhere. This presence of angels was more a mark of honour due to the divinity. Jesus Christ wished this manifestation for us to know the invisible ministry filled by angels in the children of the Faith.

The guardian angel of the Holy Family was Saint Michael. He watched over them and saved them in the hour of danger. In this august function, he has received a special gift to protect Christian families. Saint Michael will save families assembled under his beneficent patronage and will deliver them from perils which threaten them in faith and morals. Under his high inspirations, the father will be a man of work, a man of duty, a man of virtue, and he will exercise in his house a recognized and loved authority. The mother will form a spirit of sacrifice and piety, and she will be the angel of the home. The children will grow in obedience and respect, and there will be joy and honour in the household.

Such are the lessons given by Saint Michael to the family in the shade of his wings.

The old dying Jacob recognized that his angel had delivered him from all evils. The joy that this memory gave him made him wish for his children such a blessing. The protecting angel did not fail them. Let us read the stories of the patriarchal families, we will find on every page, the intervention of the angels. The power of these blessed spirits is not diminished. So let us have confidence in them and let us think to invoke them.


Practice: Let us often invoke the guardian angel of families, and let us ask for the protection of Saint Michael upon our houses.

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