St Michael - God's Champion

At the dawn of time, God was alone with his angels. He had created a multitude to surround His throne, sing His glory, adore His majesty. But it pleased Him to put them under a test. He wished to reward their fidelity by confirming them in glory and happiness.

What was this test? Many theologians have thought that God, lifting before them a corner of the horizon  of times to come, showed them the Word Made Flesh: “Behold,” He said, “He whom I have chosen to inherit all things. His throne will be eternal, He will sit on my right.” And while they gazed astonished, a voice was heard “Let all adore Him”.

At this order, the head of the angelic cohorts, Lucifer, is angry and indignant: “To adore,” he said, “is to abase myself, I cannot accept this humiliation. God takes, to raise unto Himself, a creature of an inferior order, eh? Well, me as well, I will go up, I will raise my throne above the stars of God. I will sit on the mountain of alliance and I will be like the Most High.”  These proud thoughts inspire him to cry in revolt “I will not serve.” This cry finds an echo in the celestial armies, Lucifer rallies the revolutionaries and they fly to the heights.

As they were ascending, an angel standing in front of them, issued a call of fidelity, “Who, therefore, is like God?” This was the signal for a great battle.

The outcome could not be doubted. Soon there would remain none in the sky, but the champion of the rights of God and the army of faithful angels whom he lead to victory; an abyss of fire was opened and engulfed the rebels. The test had passed, the hour of recompense had come. The angel whose fidelity and valour had been so pointed, became the specially favoured of God. He is given his name, this name of Michael which is his glory, because it is the same expression in his call to battle “Quis ut Deus?”.  He is also established as the Chief of the Heavenly Armies, the prince of angels!

The time of life for all of us, is the time of testing. Let us remember, then, the fidelity of Saint Michael, his war cry and his triumph. Let our lips invoke his name, this name so terrible to hell since it is by this name tht the strength of Satan was broken, and let our hearts echo his cry of victory “Who is like God?” We will traverse without fail the days of our testing, and we will acquire the rights of reward promised to the valiant.

Following the example of Saint Michael, let us defend the rights of God when they are attacked before us.

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