A Story of St. Michael

Saint Michael is seen as the angelic protector of the people of God. His first manifestation is related in the Holy Bible.

Abraham is seated at the door of his tent when three young men appear before him. They have an appearance so full of dignity and majesty that the Patriarch rising immediately, prostrates himself before them. He addresses himself to the one between the other two as this man seems the greater and more remarkable, and it is he who speaks in return. He announces to Abraham the birth of a son and the chastisement of Sodom whose crimes call to heaven for Divine vengeance.

It is permissible to think, that it is with Saint Michael that Abraham had this conversation so simple and so familiar, where Abraham asked for mercy, for the lives of the guilty.

God is a Father, He is always more disposed to pardon than to punish. May He find among us enough holy men to disarm his anger!

Prayer :

O glorious Saint Michael, you who, at the head of the faithful angels, bend your knee before our Lord Jesus, make your homages and adoration burst forth with new strength in exchange for the outrages and blasphemies whose object is this divine Savior. Take in hand this cause: to obtain for us to serve God better, that we may cooperate with you in humbling His enemies prostrate before the throne of His Divine Majesty!  Amen.

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