St. Michael – Protector of the Church

In the new law, St. Michael remains the strong arm of God, the worker of divine triumphs. He has lead the Hebrew people to the cradle of the Messiah. He takes, at this crib, the new people of God: he will protect them until the end of time.

The Church knows St. Michael as her guardian angel and special patron. She has declared this in her liturgy in these terms: “The Church of God, like the ancient Synagogue, honors in St. Michael, her Guardian and her Protector.”  This is just, because the protection of St. Michael has never failed her. The Archangel, in fact, delivered St. Peter from prison and stayed faithful to the Church in her long martyrdom over the first three centuries during frightful times of persecutions, where he has borne the terrible shock of riotous passions and hell conjured forth.

He shone before the delighted eyes of Constantine the sign of victory and stopped at the gates of Rome the hordes of savages lead by Attila, the scourge of God. This is why Pope St. Leo IV called him to his aid when the Saracens invaded Italy. Through diverse ages of history, when the enemies approach Rome, it is in the strength of this Holy Angel, that the Popes confidently take refuge. When the entirety of Christianity raised itself to deliver the tomb of Jesus Christ, the Archangel came to assist their armies. When Selim advanced across the world with a imposing fleet? It is, without a doubt, the Holy Virgin of the Rosary who, at Lepanto, gave victory to the Catholic armies; it is not reckless, however, to involve St. Michael: he was watching over Italy from the heights of Mount Gargano.

St. Michael assists the Church in peaceful conquests which call for the conversion of the people. St. Boniface invoked him in on the plains of Germany. Charlemagne, a true solder of the Church, walked the standard of the Archangel across Europe which he gained to the Faith. Pope John XXII gave him central Asia to protect. St. Francis Xavier confided Japan to him.

It is impossible to recall all of the marvelous facts attributed to the intercession of St. Michael. It will suffice us to say that in all his works, the Church is pleased to repeat the words of Daniel: “I have no other help in my adversities than St. Michael”.

The time where we live is, for the Church, a formidable period of crisis, there is good reason to tremble. However, let us not fear, under his protection, the Church will continue to enlighten the world and to save it!

Practice:   Let us often pray for the Holy Church so that God will deliver her from her enemies.

st michael in dark.png