A Story of St. Michael - 3

In York, in England, during the time of the Protestant persecution, the police came down to make a search of a convent. The agents went first to the chapel with the purpose of profaning the Sacred Species. Guessing their sacrilegious aim, the superior ran there and seizing the ciborium concealed it under her cloak. Suddenly, a thought of hope shone in her soul. She seized a statue of Saint Michael and placed it at the entrance of the Oratory. “Mighty God,” she cried, “save yourself, we cannot save you!”  The mob rushed toward them, but in the presence of the statue of the Archangel, they remained as ones forbidden and were unable to advance. The cries stopped, the most audacious recoiled, and this satanic horde was driven back into the street. In an instant, the house was empty and the Sisters were saved.

Saint Michael showed himself the Defender of the Eucharist and the Protector of the Spouses of Christ.

Prayer :

O Saint Michael, who adores the hidden God and presents at the sublime altar the Holy Offering: awaken our faith, fortify our hope, arouse our love, so that with you and like you, we may adore Him who immolates Himself for us and that we may participate more efficaciously in the Holy Mysteries, so that they may apply to us more fully the merits of the Passion of Jesus Christ. Amen.

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