Jesus Christ left us words that remain a consolation and strength to his disciples “I am with you even until the consummation of the world.” He resides among us; His house is the tabernacle. It is there that He is delighted to live among the children of men. It is there that we go to visit Him and pray to Him.

Why should the guardian angel of the mortal life of our Savior not now be the guardian angel of his Eucharist life? Without a doubt, he is standing at the entrance of the sanctuary with a flaming sword in hand like the cherubim stand at the entrance to Paradise.

When the Faithful approach to receive Communion: the Archangel smiles at the soul which presents itself to its God animated by faith, purity, and love. Is it not promised that he who would render Him worship of the nine greetings, would have, on his way to the Holy Table, a train of nine angels chosen from the nine choirs?

When the priest ascends to the altar, the Archangel is witness to the great action that is accomplished there. The Church tells us that he stands to the right of the altar. When, at the words of the priest, the Divine Victim descends upon the altar, the Churches recites by her minister profoundly bowing, this significant invocation: “Almighty God, command that these mysterious offerings be carried by the hands of your holy angel to your altar on high.”

This marvellous mission has been given to Saint Michael by unequivocal proof. Pope Saint Leo, in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass,  saw one day, at the moment of this invocation, Saint Michael descending to the altar, taking the Holy Host and carrying it to Heaven, he laid it upon the celestial altar where Jesus is constantly in immolation before His Father, and after a few moments, returning it to the altar and saying to him: “This that I have come to make manifest before your eyes, I have done every day so many times; Jesus, my Master, immolates Himself by the sword of the word that puts Him into the hands of his ministers.”

When we assist at the Holy Mass, let us consider the great role of Saint Michael and let us ask him to carry before the throne of God, at the same time as the holy Oblation, our wishes and prayers.  

Practice: Let us impress upon ourselves a holy respect when we enter into the church and let us assist at the Holy Mass with a steadfast devotion.

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